Who are we?


The Private Foundation, Nous Cims, was established to increase employability skills and job prospects of groups at risk, with priority given to young people; to support the development of study programmes, especially through the Nous Cims Grant programme; to improve psychosocial patient care, particularly in cancer patients, and to combat the causes and effects of poverty.

Nous Cims believes quality employment is a critical element for social integration. We therefore support an extensive number of projects in youth monitoring from training through to work placements.

In relation to grants, the Foundation promotes its own programme, Nous Cims Grants, and supports other organisations working with marginalised young people to help them gain access to study programmes and training schemes. Nous Cims strongly believes that young people committed to their studies should be able to access technical and vocational training without their economic situation being an obstacle.

In the area of Health, Nous Cims contributes to improving the quality of life of patients and their families. We believe that having a strong support network can reduce anxiety and stress in the patient and family during treatment.

And lastly, the Foundation wants to combat the causes and effects of poverty, especially in developing countries, and support projects working towards fairer economic growth in countries in the South and also amongst risk groups at home.

Nous Cims was set up in 2013 and by the end of 2015 had become a Foundation. The concept was promoted by the Rubiralta Giralt family.


The current team at Nous Cims Foundation comprises 3 professionals and an extensive network of enterprises from social and education sectors. This collaborative structure plays a key role in enabling the Foundation to have a wide perspective of the sector thereby identifying challenges and selecting projects with a high social impact.

The Nous Cims Committee assesses and approves projects and normally meets monthly. This committee is made up of specialists from different areas within the sector.

Maria Iglesias

Maria: I believe everyone has potential. I like to connect dreams, concepts, ideas, people and organisations. I believe that we all have a responsibility for what happens in the world and we have to act accordingly. I feel really privileged that my work at Nous Cims gives me confidence, job satisfaction and commitment.

Cynthia Mareco

Cynthia: People who know me all think that I project positive energy. I am a happy and positive person who loves to laugh, travel and help people.

Miquel Antonijuan

Miquel: Hi! I strongly believe in people. I really do! And that we can become better people if someone believes in us. I am inquisitive by nature, an enthusiastic traveller and perhaps even slightly mystical at times. My mantra – if you don’t believe in it, it will never happen.


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