Support programme for economic development

Lluita contra la pobresa
Lluita contra la pobresa
2. Support programme for economic development

We support projects that contribute to creating economic opportunities for the most vulnerable people and groups in developing countries.

Intermon Oxfam
2.1 Intermon Oxfam

We participate in Intermon Oxfam’s “Enterprises that change lives” programme which is a shift in philosophy and approach in how IOXFAM addresses the support it gives to cooperatives and small businesses in the countries in which it works.

2.2 Microfides

We are convinced of Microfides’ novelty value in supporting microfinance institutions, the project impacts not only on micro-enterprises in the South but also on the savings culture in the North and we have deposited part of Nous Cims’ funds as security to guarantee a credit to a microfinance entity in the South.


We support a project to create family and community-run allotments in Ethiopia promoted by MCSPA in the Vall d’Angar Guten.

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