Support programme for basic services, especially in health.

Lluita contra la pobresa
Lluita contra la pobresa
1. Support programme for basic services, especially in health.

We support projects that provide solutions for the lack of basic quality services and/or emergencies in developing countries.

We believe that fighting this lack of basic quality services is critical as this is often the cause of poverty and underdevelopment and obviously has greater impact on the most vulnerable.

Metges Sense Fronteres
1.1 Médecins sans Frontières

We support a project to test the effectiveness of an innovative strategy of treatment and prevention to reduce the prevalence of acute malnutrition and other common illnesses in children in one of the Niger regions. Once the effectiveness has been assessed the aim is to extend it throughout the rest of the country, as well as in neighbouring countries.

Fundació Colores de Calcuta
1.2 Colores da Calcuta Foundation

Nous Cims supports the Colores de Calcuta Foundation in India by financing the ophthalmology, optometry and otorhinolaryngology departments at Pikhna’s medical centre. This service is a basic necessity for children and adults.

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