Identifying and developing talent and vocation

Millora de l'ocupabilitat
Millora de l'ocupabilitat
1. Identificació i activació del talent i vocació

Through this programme we promote projects that mentor youth study engagement and workforce development.

Projecte Impulsa’t
1.1 Project Impulsa’t

This programme was designed and developed by the Foundation Nous Cims to offer group and individual coaching sessions to support the definition of training programmes for young people involved in social projects.

If you would like to receive more information or know of a young person within your organisation who could benefit, please contact

Beques JOV
1.2 Beques JOV

We support the start-up of the BequesJOV Association mentoring programme for school-age youngsters.

In the education sector BequesJOV contributes by helping students who are struggling to develop their creativity, aptitude and vocation.


We pushed for the implementation in Spain of the EsFROG project for young people who have abandoned their studies or work to give them the opportunity to shape their own future.

The EsFROG method uses the recognised leadership programme, Norwegian Frog Online Identity, to help young people define their own future by empowering them with personal and professional development.

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